We at Galenolink are experts in the study, formulation and manufacturing of products based on plant extracts and plant-derived compounds. 


We have a background in Pharmacy, with studies in botany, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, phytotherapy, plant physiology, ethnobotany, galenics and post-graduate studies in aromatherapy.


We have experience in the formulation and manufacturing of products based on plant extracts for the following applicatuions: nutraceuticals, farm animals, pets and cosmetics. 


In the products we design, we follow the principles of functional phytotherapy and aromatherapy:


  • It is necessary to understand the underlying causes under the sign or symptom: chronic inflammation, metabolic or digestive imbalances, detoxification and oxidation issues.
  • Our products based on plant extracts reinforce the natural mechanisms of self-regulation of the body.
  • Often the problem has a multifactorial cause so the solution must be complex (may need more than one active ingredient and more than one mechanism of action to be effective).

Our services include:

  • Defining and understanding your needs
  • Bibliographical research to develop the product
  • Study of the competitors in the market
  • Choosing the right raw materials and suppliers
  • Making a pilot batch
  • Manufacturing the product
  • Quality control: physico-chemical controls, determination of main active ingredients, microbiological analysis, etc.
  • Stability studies
  • Efficacy and safety trials


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