galenolink consulting feed food pharma asia pacific
galenolink consulting feed food pharma asia pacific

The Asia Pacific Region


Increasing population, rising standards of living and growing consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are well recognized as drivers that will ensure the continued growth of the food and livestock industry in Asia Pacific.


On the other hand, pharmaceutical market in Asia pacific is expected to be 30% of the global market in 2016, due to increasing urbanization, aging population ad growing prevalence of chronic diseases.


But market situation in Asia is exceptionally heterogeneous and seldom black and white and local situation is difficult to categorize and understand for foreign companies.


Who we are


Our international team is composed by European and Asian collaborators with expertise in different technical fields related to the food, livestock and pharma industry. We provide consultancy and services for food/feed/farma sourcing, manufacturing, quality management, sales and business development in Asia Pacific in order to help our customers compete and do cross-border business more effectively.


What can we do to help you


  • Production and QA: we assist you in all the necessary steps to establish a food/feed/pharma subsidiary plant in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Supply chain: we can find reliable factories with suitable production capacity and competences to meet your product specifications and we assist you in the quality control of the goods before they are shipped.
  • Distribution in Asia Pacific countries: We advise you on your export strategy, help you find a suitable distributor or sales team, support you with the registration of your products in front of the local authorities.
  • Marketing: We put you in contact in local experts for on line/off line marketing and sales strategies. 


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